O.E.1: Strengthen permanent instrumental networks (continuous mode) to improve volcanic monitoring programs in Macaronesia.

  • Activity 2.1.1: Strengthening of the geophysical permanent instrumental network.
  • Activity 2.1.2: Strengthening of the geochemical permanent instrumental network.
  • Activity 2.1.3: Strengthening of the geodetical permanent instrumental network.

O.E.2: Strengthen non-continuous geophysical, geochemical and geodetic programs to improve volcanic monitoring programs in Macaronesia.

  • Activity 2.2.1: Strengthening of the non-continuous geophysical instrumental network.
  • Activity 2.2.2: Strengthening of the non-continuous geochemical instrumental network.
  • Activity 2.2.3: Strengthening of the non-continuous geodetical instrumental network.

O.E.3: Strengthen crisis management and response capacity of volcanic natural disasters and associated hazards in Macaronesia.

  • Activity 2.3.1: Development of early warning systems through the implementation of ICTs.
  • Activity 2.3.2: Simulation and creation of eruptive scenarios.
  • Activity 2.3.3: Workshops for the dissemination of results and the simulation of potential eruptive scenarios.