Geochemical Program

Campaigns in Madeira



1) First field campaign in Madeira


Date: 22 July of 2017 to 29 July of 2017


  • Collection of water samples for geochemical and isotopic characterization and analysis of dissolved gases
  • Sampling of atmospheric gases present on the island
  • Analysis of physical water parameters (pH, conductivity, temperature, etc.)
Work team: INVOLCAN e ITER in colaboration with IFCN, IP-RAM y ARM – Aguas y Resíduos de Madeira


Summary of the activities developed:


Day 24/07/2017 – General meeting on the VOLRISKMAC project and preparation of the field campaign.

Days 25 to 28/07/2017 – Collection of data in 15 sampling points (Fajã da Ama, Porto Novo Gallery, Tunnel of the Lathes, Tunnel of the Encumeada, among others).




2) Second field campaign in Madeira


Date: 14 May of 2018 to 27 May of 2018


  • Evaluation of emission rates of diffuse gas flow (CO2) in the central area of the island of Madeira.
Work team: INVOLCAN e ITER in colaboration with IFCN, IP-RAM.


Summary of the activities developed:

Collection of the following data, in 464 sampling points:

– Measurement of the ambient temperature

– Measurement of soil temperature (at 15 cm and 40 cm depth)

– Measurement of the diffuse flow of CO2 in the soil

– Collection of soil samples (40 cm deep) for further analysis:

     * Micro-chromatography of gases (micro-GC)

     * Quadrupole mass spectrometry (QMS)

     * Isotopic ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS)